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Can I do this myself?2019-06-19T04:02:29-04:00

Yes! That is the beauty of our simple DIY roofing system. You can do it yourself! To see videos and pdf’s that show you step by step how to get the job done, visit our installation page at: https://dealer.crazyseal.com/installation/

How much can I really save by doing it myself?2019-06-19T04:00:25-04:00

In roofing, labor is often times one of the biggest expenses there is to a job! By doing it yourself, you get an incredible seamless roof at a fraction of the cost because there is no labor involved. With our DIY application, you can save thousands or more. Check out our pricing page to learn more: https://dealer.crazyseal.com/pricing/

Do contractors use Crazy Seal?2019-06-27T22:22:25-04:00

Absolutely! Contractors love our system because it is simple to install and solves thousand of different roofing problems for people. In fact, many contractors and actually prefer our system to others because it is quick and efficient to apply, comes with a 50 year warranty, and offers a real, lasting solution to the challenges they face for their clients.

What will my roofing system cost?2019-06-19T03:42:05-04:00

Our system is very affordable, especially considering all of the alternatives out there that include labor!

Visit our pricing page for more information on the cost to complete your specific project: https://dealer.crazyseal.com/pricing/

What kinds of roofs can Crazy Seal be applied to?2019-06-27T22:18:31-04:00

Crazy Seal can be applied to fiberglass, rubber / EPDM, TPO, metal, wood, or virtually any other type of roof. To see videos and pdf’s of how it is applied to these kinds of roofs, check out Installation.

Does your roof system work on all RV’s?2019-06-19T03:42:59-04:00

Yes, the Crazy Seal system is compatible with all types of RVs, motorhomes, 5th wheels, travel trailers, pop-ups, park models, and semi-trailers.

How long does it take to install a Crazy Seal System?2019-06-19T03:40:47-04:00

It depends on the size of the job you are completing. Most people can get the first coat of Crazy Seal onto their application within a few hours of receiving their kit. This is expedited if you have watched our installation tutorials and done some of the prep work in advance!

Watch the video below to see a time-lapse of the entire Crazy Seal System being applied to an RV roof.

Is this like the “rubber in a can” products I can buy at the store?2019-06-27T22:54:19-04:00

No. Crazy Seal™ (patent pending) is a high performance, commercial grade, fiber-infused silicone membrane roofing system. Junk products in a can that you buy at big box stores are usually temporary solutions. We give you the ability to custom manufacture your new roof on site, rather than in sheets at a factory, thus eliminating seams and exposed sealants. Do it right and do it once!

How much does the warranty cost?2019-06-19T03:49:54-04:00

Nothing! It’s included. Details on our 50 year, fully transferable warranty can be found here: https://dealer.crazyseal.com/warranty/


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